Safety Standards

Mundt energy services safety standards are more than just guidelines, they represent our company culture. Mundt Energy’s focus on safety and protecting those around us is priority number 1. The work ethic, work history, and dedication to future relationships drives us to maintain tier 1 standards of safety.

Gold Shovel Standards.

We know the oil field, because we have been here a long time.

Gold Shovel Standard focuses on metrics, creating Gold Shovel Standard Communities and increasing the use of innovative technology and safety management systems.

Standardized damage prevention measurements are a key part of the GSS mission, and the establishment and broad deployment of metrics are core components of Gold Shovel Standard’s efforts to improve public and workforce safety. Gold Shovel Standard believes that no significant reduction in damages will be obtained unless all responsible parties (operators, excavators, locators) continuously improve, and measurements underpin continuous improvement.

GSS works to establish innovative partnerships between utilities (electric, gas, pipelines, telecommunication, sewer, and water/wastewater) known as Gold Shovel Standard Communities, to collaboratively form ever-expanding regions of increased safety and decreased risk to buried infrastructure.

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